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General Infomation

1. What is

As a graduate, you definitely need a job to start a career. Jobs is a great way to increase your income.

We here to help you find a job that matches academic qualifications.

We are a job portal specializing in entry-level or graduate jobs. Job seekers can apply through website. All applicant transactions are recorded for the convenience of your job seekers to manage job applications.

As an employer, you are encouraged to list vacancy/jobs to find new employees. We provide a management platform to make it easier for you to find the best candidate for your company.

2. How to Contact Us?

We appreciate your inquiry. If you have any questions, comments and other suggestions, please contact us at

You can also use the form below:

Candidate / Jobseeker

1. How to Search for a Job?

On the main page, you can use Search Form and filtering by:

  1. Keyword – the job title, post, designation
  2. Job Category – the industry on the company
  3. Job Location – the place where the job is located

2. How to Register an Account?

Registration is free, easy and fast. You have Two (2) options to register an account which are:

  1. Register an account on
  2. Using your Facebook account

To become an registered user, click Register to start.

3. How to Post a Resume?

In order to post a resume, you have to register an account with Click Register to register an account.

Once complete registration, you may log in to your account and click on Post a Resume.

Fill up all information as complete as possible for high changes to Employer review.

Click Preview or Save to complete the resume.

4. How to Apply for a Job?

Before apply for a job, you have to complete user profile and Resume. Once completed, search for desire job.

To apply, click Apply for This Job.

Fill up the information required and Send Application.

5. How to Use Job Alerts?

Job Alerts is the great features to remind you when new job vacancy been posted by Employer.

With Job Alerts you can specify the type of jobs you’re willing to receive in your email.

To use Job Alerts:

  1. Login to your account and click on Job Alerts.
  2. Create New
  3. On Alert Name, specify the alert name
  4. On Keywords, specify the keyword such as job title
  5. On Email Frequency, specify the frequency you would like to receive the email.


1. How to Post a Job?

To post a job, Employer must register to the website.

Step 1: For the first time Employer, there are two ways to register;

Using the Registration form

  1. Fill up the information required username, email and  password
  2. Choose I’m an employer looking to hire as you are registered as Employer
  3. Tick on Terms and Use condition. You’re advised to read Terms and Use condition before register
  4. Click Sign Up
  5. After submission, you’re able to post a job.

Register by Login using Facebook or Gmail Account

  1. Click on Login button
  2. Choose Facebook or Gmail to login

Step 2:

2. How Much the Cost for Job Posting?

For the first time employer, we offer free job posting ( 1 job post). For more than one job posting, we do have very attractive package for you to choose from.

Kindly refer to Package for more details.

3. Did Job Posting Required Approval?

Yes. We will filter your job posting before approved and publish.

It is due to our compliance to Terms and Condition.

4. How to View and Managed Jobseeker Application?

1. Login to your account

2. Click Applications

3. Each icon represents the action you can do for the job application. Any action will trigger the notification to the jobseeker.

5. What are the Prohibited Industry and Job Post?

In general, we accept all companies, industries and job posting.

However, there are industries are disallowed for the job posting. Below are the prohibited industries that disallowed for account and job posting:

  1. Alcohol / Liquor
  2. Tobacco
  3. Gambling
  4. Pornography
  5. Massage Parlour
  6. Nightclub
  7. Fireworks and Explosives
  8. Others are against to the peace, morals, and laws in Malaysia.

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